Air Quality Testing Services VOC Testing

Fike Analytical Technologies, is pleased to offer these products and services:

VOCs – Air Survey

AirSurvey utilizes the latest technology for the analysis of air.  It uses thermal desorption tubes to extract  Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from the air, concentrate them onto a single thermal desorption tube, and then analyze them using gas chromatography-mass… Read more about VOCs – Air Survey

Thermal Desorption Tubes

Thermal desorption tubes are used to capture volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air and store them for subsequent analysis.  Fike Analytical Technologies, LLC, has the most up-to-date technology in thermal desorption tube manufacture and tube packaging for… Read more about Thermal Desorption Tubes

Stale Cigarette Smoke

SmokeScan is capable of detecting not only first and second hand tobacco smoke but also “stale” tobacco smoke.  The odors typically associated with stale tobacco smoke are not all necessarily the result of the presence of chemical compounds given off by the burning tobacco… Read more about Stale Cigarette Smoke

Structural and Fire Engineering

Fike Analytical Technologies, LLC, has both civil and mechanical engineering resources on staff to consult on building-related, process, and off gas issues, and to assist in the design and fabrication of custom testing assemblies.  Many indoor air quality issues have their origin in the design and construction of the building… Read more about Structural and Fire Engineering

Indoor Air Quality Summary

IAQ Summary is an inexpensive screening analysis designed for use in determining if there is a mold or VOC problem within a building envelope.  IAQ Summary has two primary applications… Read more about Indoor Air Quality Summary

Soot and Fire Investigation

Our world is filled with soot from a myriad of sources for soot, char and ash.  These  include bonfires, incinerators, candles, vehicle tires, diesel engines, wildfires, fire places/stoves, leaf burning, trash burning, and many others.  How do you tell the difference between soot from background sources and soot from a fire event? … Read more about Soot and Fire Investigation

SEM-EDS Particulate

The SEM, equipped with an Energy Dispersive X-Ray spectrometer, makes it possible to not only examine the appearance (morphology) of individual particles but also to determine the elemental content of those particles, even particles as small as only 0.05 µm in diameter… Read more about SEM-EDS Particulate