Thermal Desorption Tubes

Thermal desorption tubes are used to capture volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air and store them for subsequent analysis.  Fike Analytical Technologies, LLC, has the most up-to-date technology in thermal desorption tube manufacture and tube packaging for the analysis of VOC’s in the air.  These tubes are packaged using the first ever, patented, active system developed to keep the sampling tubes clean during the time between tube manufacture and sampling.  In the past, all packaging systems have been passive, meaning that the objective was simply to encapsulate or seal the sampling tube to keep contamination from entering the storage space.  Now, in addition to sealing the storage space, Fike Analytical has developed a system that continues to remove and trap contamination and sorbent degradation products from within the storage space.

Tube back pressure – Trimatrix thermal desorption tubes produced by other firms have an average back pressure of 222 mm H2O +/- 31 mm H2O.  Trimatrix thermal desorption tubes manufactured by Fike Analytical have an average back pressure of 148 mm H2O +/- 16 mm H2O.  Reduced back pressure minimizes the variability between calibrated flow and actual flow.  Improved consistency of back pressure helps maintain a steady flow and puts less strain on the pump. This improved consistency and reduced average back pressure make tubes produced by Fike Analytical the best in the market.

Other Advantages of Fike Analytical Tubes:

Tube Cleanliness – Trimatrix thermal desorption tubes manufactured by Fike Analytical manifest only about 2% of the background (dirt/contamination) present in tubes manufactured by our competitors.  This high degree of cleanliness improves analytical sensitivity and greatly reduces interferences.  It also makes it possible to report TVOC levels down to as low as 20 ng/L.

Sorbents – Fike Analytical uses the finest, patented sorbents in the industry.  We do not use cheap knockoffs.  This assures you that you are receiving the best possible performance in compound retention.

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