Fike Analytical Technologies, LLC, was established to provide the highest possible level of analytical support to CIHs, health and safety managers, property managers, investigators, builders, and other professionals who have responsibilities for IAQ, either VOCs or particulate. Fike Analytical doesn’t use hype or late-night TV to sell its products. We provide hard-core VOC and particulate analyses and, as part of the price, consultation that goes all the way from project planning to data interpretation and remediation. We have over 20 years of experience in IAQ.

Professionals are expected to be versed in confined space, ergonomics, noise levels, scaffolding, and many other areas. They cannot be expected to be experts in all of them. Fike Analytical makes it possible for professionals to be experts in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Fike Analytical specializes in the analysis of air. We don’t do ergonomics, noise, lanyards, or any other safety areas outside of our specialty. We do air. With this concentration in IAQ, Fike Analytical can provide the support, consultation, and follow-up that safety professionals and hygienists need. Give us a call at 248-241-6713 to discuss your situation. We will be with you from project inception through the final report.

Professional Investigators – CIHs

Whom do you want next to you when you’re in the trenches out in the field, a pretty face or someone who knows what they’re doing?

Are you tired of using a laboratory that only provides analyses?

Have you been left to:

Figure out what an analytical report means?

Interpret the impact of a complex collection of chemicals?

Determine if the results are cogent and coherent?

Determine whether or not there is a problem?

Fly solo trying to figure out remediation avenues?

Call Fike Analytical Technologies, LLC. The analogy we like to use is shovels. Yes, that’s right, shovels. You see, lots and lots of shovels are sold in this country every year and, yet, NO ONE wants a shovel. What they want is a hole. But, they know that the only way they will get a hole is to buy a shovel. Air analyses are similar. No one wants the analysis, they just want to solve a problem. That’s why our slogan is “We don’t just analyze samples, we solve problems.” Fike Analytical understands that you need the expertise and support of truly experienced air analysis professionals. We don’t do lead, asbestos, or spore traps. We do air. That is our expertise, our focus, and our passion. Give us a call the next time you are contemplating a job involving IAQ evaluation, in-depth analysis of particulate, or any other type of air analysis. Better yet, give us a call to get acquainted, get example reports, get COCs, and meet our staff. Not only do we provide the analyses you need, we also provide the bridge you need to traverse the chasm between the analysis and the solution at no additional cost.

Consultation beyond data interpretation, including such add-ons as assistance in writing your reports, meeting with the end client, on-site visits, legal work, and in-depth data interpretation such as fingerprint matching, are also available. Support in these areas is available from an air analysis professional who has a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, is a licensed builder, and who is experienced in these areas including court testimony and legal wrangling.

If you would like to be included in Fike Analytical’s referral list for IAQ investigators, give Dr. Randall Fike a call at 248-241-6713.