Insurance Companies

Insurance companies need to arrive at fair settlements

But with excessive claims and insurance fraud commonplace, it is imperative that insurance companies arm themselves with fundamental, rock solid, scientific backup and support. Fike Analytical can be a valuable ally in your efforts to establish fair settlements and to avoid insurance fraud. We specialize in assessment of:

  • Indoor Air Quality
  • VOC source emissions
  • Arson and forensic evidence
  • Potential for hazardous VOC exposure
  • Soot validation including identification of event zone soot vs. background soot to assess extent of event impact
  • Particulate and particulate fallout.

We can assist in establishing a true picture of loss and impact using chemical, soot, and particulate evaluation. This expedites settlements and gives you a firm, scientific basis for that settlement. We can also help with sampling, analysis, data interpretation, and expert witness testimony.

Fike Analytical also has a nation-wide network of investigators who can assist you on-site. These are experienced investigators who know what they’re doing. We can have “boots-on-the-ground” nearly anywhere in the U.S. within hours if necessary without spending exorbitant amounts of money on travel.

Fike Analytical currently works with several insurance companies. Find out what they have already discovered. Give Dr. Randall Fike a call at 248-241-6713 to receive example reports or to see if we can help you.