Fike Analytical Technologies is pleased to offer services to:


We work with your in-house Industrial Hygienists, Safety Managers, Property Managers, IH&S Staff, Loss Control Management. Your professionals are expected to be versed in confined space, ergonomics, noise levels, scaffolding, and many other areas. They cannot be expected to be experts in all of them. Fike Analytical makes it… Read more

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies need to arrive at fair settlements.  But with excessive claims and insurance fraud commonplace, it is imperative that insurance companies arm themselves with fundamental, rock solid, scientific backup and support. Fike Analytical can be a valuable ally in your efforts to establish fair settlements… Read more


Fike Analytical Technologies, LLC, provides legal support including:

  • Consultation in General Chemistry
  • Consultation in Analytical Chemistry
  • Consultation in Scanning Electron Microscope analysis
  • Analytical support services (including expert witness testimony)… Read more