We work with your in-house:

  • Industrial Hygienists
  • Safety Managers
  • Property Managers
  • IH&S Staff
  • Loss Control Management

Your professionals are expected to be versed in confined space, ergonomics, noise levels, scaffolding, and many other areas. They cannot be expected to be experts in all of them. Fike Analytical makes it possible for professionals to be experts in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Fike Analytical specializes in the analysis of air. We don’t have expertise in ergonomics, noise, lanyards, or any other safety areas outside of our specialty. We do air. With this concentration in IAQ, Fike Analytical can provide the support, consultation, and follow-up that safety professionals and hygienists need. Give us a call at 248-241-6713 to discuss your situation. We will be with you from project inception through the final report.

If you need additional help, Fike Analytical has a network of over a hundred cooperating professional investigators nationwide. We can assemble a team of professionals to address your needs for assessing air, particulate, and off gas no matter where your facility is located.

Are you being sued? Fike Analytical can be a valuable ally in your efforts to defend yourself in the areas of IAQ, VOC emissions, workplace VOC exposure, and particulate fallout. We can help with sampling, analysis, data interpretation, and expert witness testimony.