Indoor Air Quality Summary

IAQ Summary is an inexpensive screening analysis designed for use in determining if there is a mold or VOC problem within a building envelope.  IAQ Summary has two primary applications.

One is to check for Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) and hidden mold using volatile compounds given off by actively growing mold (TMVOC).  IAQ Summary finds mold under carpets, behind walls, and other places where there is no open pathway for the spores to get out and be detected using spore traps or other spore detection devices.  If needed, a full breakdown of all of the VOC’s can be requested later without taking another sample.

The second application is to use IAQ Summary to survey a large building without performing sophisticated analyses at every sampling location.  In a 10-story building with a total of 100,000 square feet, at least 20 samples are required to assess air quality.  By using IAQ Summary, it is possible to screen the entire building and then select only a few samples for further evaluation.  This cost-effective solution saves significant money and still provides an adequate screening of the entire building.  And, because after-the-fact, complete analysis of VOC’s is available using existing data, there is no need to resample.