Structural and Fire Engineering

Fike Analytical Technologies, LLC, has both civil and mechanical engineering resources on staff to consult on building-related, process, and off gas issues, and to assist in the design and fabrication of custom testing assemblies.  Many indoor air quality issues have their origin in the design and construction of the building or in the manufacturing processes employed within the building.  Understanding the cause of these issues is the motive to design testing strategies and to develop solutions from the ground up that save both time and money in the venting, control, process vetting, or remediation processes.

In addition to consulting on building and process-related indoor air quality issues, Fike Analytical’s engineering capabilities give opportunity for the design and implementation of novel testing apparatuses and bench-scale test setups.  Areas of expertise include design and fabrication of bench-scale process mockups, heated gas transfer, mobile lab setup, and spark arresting off gas sampling devices.  While the primary function of Fike Analytical Technologies’ engineering division is to support the air analysis business, consultation on other engineering is also available.  Call us at 248-241-6713 to discuss your needs.