Are you interested in setting up an air analysis laboratory to capitalize on the current trend toward cleaner indoor air?  Do you fear the startup problems you will experience setting up the operation yourself?  Call Fike Analytical Technologies, LLC.  We will provide advice on how to set up your laboratory and provide the core analytical capability needed to have a sound air analysis capability.  You can begin marketing air analytical services to your customers right away with the assurance that an expert in the field will be with you all the way.  Training is also available through Fike Analytical so that your analysts can take over all facets of air analysis and provide your clients with your own in-house analysis and consulting services.

Cooperating laboratories are laboratories that have air analysis capabilities but wish to have support in sophisticated data analysis and consultation. Call Dr. Randall Fike with your questions at 248-241-6713. We work with many analytical laboratories and will be happy to discuss a partnership with you.

Minimum laboratory requirements – GC-MS (quad) capability and raw data sharing in .asc or .cdf format. You will need to be accredited and insured. Also, Fike Analytical Technologies meets its financial obligations promptly. Cooperating laboratories will be expected to do the same. Fike Analytical Technologies does not waste money on pages-long contracts authored by high-priced attorneys. Our word is our bond. No less will be expected from cooperating laboratories.